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  • Cacio e Pepe with Kale

    by Jessica on February 19, 2018 10 7 Meet my newest love: kale cacio e pepe! Or… kale, cheese and pepper. And pasta. What we have here is theeeee easiest weeknight meatless meal. Like, so simple. Embarrassingly simple! You won’t even believe it. A Monday meal. A meatless meal. A meal so easy that the […] More

  • Pasta Pomodoro Recipe | Two Peas & Their Pod

    jump to recipe Pasta Pomodoro Is a simple pasta dish with a delicious tomato sauce, fresh basil, and Parmesan cheese. This quick and easy meal is a family favorite and a great weeknight dinner recipe. What is Pasta Pomodoro? Pasta Pomodoro, don’t you just love saying that? I love saying it and eating it. It sounds fancy […] More

  • 26+ Best Slow Cooker Recipes

    When you’ve got a long to-do list, the last thing you probably want to do is find time to make dinner. Luckily, there’s a magic tool that takes the hassle out of preparing dinner — the slow cooker! These 26+ Best Slow Cooker Recipes are just the thing to take the stress out of preparing […] More

  • Instant Pot Congee with Brown Rice and Turmeric Recipe

    For the latest installment in my Instant Pot recipe adventures, we’re going to explore congee. And, spoiler alert, making congee in your Instant Pot, or other multi-cooker, is literally reason enough to buy one. A complete home run. You put your rice into the pot, walk away, and start daydreaming about toppings. Return later for […] More

  • 4 ingredients vegan snickers cups

    Forget about the peanut butter cup guys.  That’s so 2012.  This is the new PB cup.  BETTER than the real thing (SNICKERS).  There’s not much more I can say about these.  My favorite candy bar growing up in the eighties and nineties (yes, I’m that old) was the Snickers bar.  Abnormally consumed as a youngster.  […] More

  • Vitamin Glow Warm Squash Salad — Oh She Glows

    How’s your February chugging along so far? Mine is off to a solid start, and I’m already feeling a bit more positive now that the doldrums of January are past! As for things on the OSG front, we’re working away on our rebooted Friday FAQs and Things I’m Loving Lately series, as well as a […] More

  • Beef Bourguignon (Julia Child Recipe)

    Beef Bourguignon (Julia Child Recipe) Tender fall apart chunks of beef simmered in a rich red wine gravy makes Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon an incredible family dinner. Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon (Boeuf à la Bourguignonne in French) is a world wide loved classic for a reason. This is one recipe where you want to take your […] More

  • Hot Pink Dragonfruit Shrub Recipe

    When you come across dragonfruit puree (also labeled pitaya) in the freezer section, don’t pass it up. It’s the main component in this three-ingredient shrub, the one make most often, and it’s how you get that alluring hot pink color. Shrubs are also known as drinking vinegars, and they can be a real bright spot […] More

  • roasted sweet potatoes & chickpeas

    I’ve been on a serious roasted sweet potato kick lately.  I’ve always adored this orange vegetable.  But every since I viewed Aimee Song’s video on her garlic and Everything Bagel seasoning sweet potato wedges…it’s been a weekly occurance.  So this recipe I found on and adapted it to my preferences.  This lady’s blog is […] More

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