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What I wouldn’t give to drown in coffee like this ice cream.

how to make peppermint affogato (video!) I

What sort of holiday person are you?

One that adores the hustle and bustle?

One that can’t wait for it to be over?

One that is an enormous ball of stress?

One that wants to deck all of your halls in neon and sparkle?

how to make peppermint affogato (video!) I

I have no idea who would be interested in that last option…

how to make peppermint affogato (video!) I

While I’m definitely the first option, I will admit that it’s taking some ice cream drenched in espresso to save my soul right now. Crazy holiday season, in the best way possible.

how to make peppermint affogato (video!) I

Let’s talk peppermint ice cream.

I bought a pint of talenti peppermint bark, which is dangerous in itself because I could consume the whole thing while watching last season’s episodes of The Affair so I could figure out just what the HECK is going on, you know, and I’m not even an ice cream person but somehow I managed to hide it from myself accidentally on purpose in the back of the freezer. Just so I could make you this affogato.

This stuff is ridiculous. It’s almost like soft serve in a pint. But better.

how to make peppermint affogato (video!) I

Then you go ahead and pour a shot of hot espresso over it and you may as well drop dead. It’s wonderful.

Because I have to make my dessert obnoxious, I also topped it with chopped up peppermint bark. There is so much texture here! Crunchy and creamy and cool. And then the ice cream sort of melts and you can drink it and we come full circle to how I really always just wanted my coffee to taste like ice cream in order to love it.

how to make peppermint affogato (video!) I

So YEP. This is embarrassingly easy. But it’s SO good. I like it so much more than peppermint mocha things. I also like it with a shot of something boozy. Amaretto! Whiskey! Schnapps? Whatever you want.

how to make peppermint affogato (video!) I

Peppermint Affogato


  • 1/2 cup peppermint ice cream
  • 1 (0r 2!) shots of espresso
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped peppermint bark


Scoop the ice cream into your glass. Pour the shot of espresso over top. Cover with peppermint bark and devour. That’s IT!! So easy. And delish!

how to make peppermint affogato (video!) I

So happy this is a thing.

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