Pumpkin Bread with Maple Butter Recipe

I substituted applesauce for the eggs and stevia for the sugar, as those were the ingredients I had on hand. Still a delightful, definitely not too sweet, pumpkin bread.


Amazing pumpkin bread! Not too sweet. I sprinkled some sugar on the top and omitted the pumpkin seeds. It’s very crumbly as well, and mine cooked in 85 minutes. Dense and wonderful.


Oozed a ton out of the 8.5” pan as it was baking and was totally raw at 85 minutes. Flavor of the few fully cooked bits was delicious, so I’ll be trying again today in either a 9.5” pan or mini-loaves.


Miraculously, this didn’t overflow in the 8.5″ pan-it’s a really tall bread. It definitely needed more than 85 minutes of cooking time-I’d do a 9.5″ pan next time. Loved the fresh vs. dried ginger-gave a nice kick to the bread without being overpowering.


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