Summer Seafood Pasta with White Wine Sauce

It’s the seafood pasta of summer you guys – this Summer Seafood Pasta with White Wine Sauce is everything!! 

Summer Seafood Pasta with White Wine Sauce from (@whatsgabycookin)

I’m unsure why we don’t make scallops at home more as a society? If you’re anything like me, you’ll order them every time you go out for dinner (remember those days??! What a concept!) but rarely do I ever make them at home. Well, today that changes. This Summer Seafood Pasta with a simple white wine sauce is the perfect recipe to ease us all into making an incredible restaurant quality meal at home. I mean, maybe restaurant quality is the wrong term… it’s more like vacation restaurant quality because honestly, I felt like I was beachside in Italy when I made this for the first time!! Bring it on! 

Summer Seafood Pasta with White Wine Sauce from (@whatsgabycookin)

I think the first part of cooking scallops at home is actually finding them. Since not all of us live near the ocean or have a fish monger in town, I’ve solved the problem. The frozen aisle of your local market. I know – you’re like can you get great tasting seafood from the frozen aisle… sure can! In fact, it’s kinda the best way to find it. All the seafood is frozen right after it’s caught so it’s probably fresher than anything sitting around in a case for a few days!! You’re welcome. I snagged these Open Nature ®  scallops and a bag of shrimp at my neighborhood Vons! Your local store might have a different name but the seafood will come in the same packaging… back in my Tucson days it was Safeway, whenever we visited my grandparents in Chicago it was Jewel-Osco, over in Santa Monica it’s Pavilions and Albertsons… you get the idea. All different store names within the Albertsons Companies family of stores, all with the same exclusive private label brands and include reliable, delicious, time saving food like these frozen Open Nature Sea Scallops and Raw Shrimp. 

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