Buttery Kimchi Chicken Recipe | Bon Appétit

If you ever eat at Sunny Lee’s house, don’t be surprised to find dishes that combine influences from her Korean, Greek, and American roots. Notably, her family’s kimchi jjigae recipe is untraditionally enriched with butter at the end, nudging it towards something closer to Italian Bolognese or Indian Butter Chicken. This dish gets its creaminess from browning the yogurt marinade as well as ground up soybeans. Caramelizing tomato paste with kimchi harmonizes the bright funky acidity of both ingredients as well as brightening the color of this stew—perfect for a winter night. Channel your inner grandma: Be prepared to stand over the stove for the better part of an hour and make sure to wear an apron. This spicy and sweet, slightly nutty, and creamy stew will be worth the time.

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