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a drunken rosé strawberry with a plate of strawberries behind it

These Drunken Rosé Strawberries are absolutely amazing and the perfect adults-only treat! Juicy strawberries soaked in rosé wine and covered in crystal sugar for a sparkling sweet snack!

Okay, if you’re looking for the easiest, most delicious, adults-only version of a vodka-soaked gummy bear, these strawbs are IT.

I originally saw this idea on TikTok and thought it was genius. It totally reminds me of those alcohol-soaked gummy bears I experimented with as a young 21 year old, but all grown up and way more sophisticated. Plus, you can totally customize these to your preferences and they make for some seriously mind-blowing berries.

And since Fourth of July is just around the corner (how did that happen?!) I figured I better share them quickly so you have ample time to make them for all your BBQs and pool party festivities. Trust me when I say, these cannot be easier to make! Only three ingredients, comes together in about an hour (you can always soak them for longer, though) and are gorgeous to boot.

a pink metal tray with drunken rosé strawberries on it

The Berries

For this recipe, you’ll want to use fresh, ripe strawberries. When looking for strawberries, I look for berries that aren’t mushy or soft looking; ones that have bright green leaves; and ones that are uniformly red allover (no green patches). Also be sure to check the bottom of the berry basket to make sure you don’t have any mashed or furry looking berries on the bottom! We’ll gently rinse the berries and pat them dry before proceeding with the recipe. As far as the tops go, I kept mine on because I thought it looked pretty, but you could absolutely hull the berries before proceeding with the recipe.

a white and gold plate with drunken rosé strawberries on it

The Wine

I went with a sparkling rosé wine for these because I thought rosé and strawberries made a naturally perfect pairing. Another great option would be champagne, prosecco or a sparkling Moscato. As far as what wine to choose, we are discarding the wine (although I suppose you could save it for another purpose) so pick something relatively inexpensive but still flavorful. Thankfully there are a LOT of cheap sparkling wines out there that pack a punch but don’t break the bank.

a white plate filled with drunken rosé strawberries

The Sugar

The sparkling sugar is optional but highly recommended. It adds a little sparkle and shine and a delectable, addictive crunch to the berries that my neighbors and I LOVED. You can use coarse cane sugar, sparkling coarse sugar sprinkles (what I used personally) or demerara sugar. Whatever’s easiest.

These Drunken Rosé Strawberries are sweet, juicy, flavored like light and fruity rosé wine and have an addictive crunch from the sparkling sugar coating. AKA, summer in a treat! You don’t want to miss this recipe!

closeup of a drunken rosé strawberry on a pink marble background

Drunken Rosé Strawberries

These Drunken Rosé Strawberries are addictive, easy and SO delicious and taste like an adult, grown-up version of alcohol-soaked gummies. Crisp and fruity rosé wine soaks each juicy berry for a refreshing and light treat.

Prep Time1 hr 15 mins

Total Time1 hr 15 mins

Course: Dessert, No Bake Desserts, No-Bake

Cuisine: American, Dessert

Servings: 2 lbs


  • 2 lbs fresh, ripe strawberries washed and patted dry
  • 1 (750ml) bottle sparkling rosé wine can also use champagne, prosecco or sparkling Moscato
  • 1 cup sparkling coarse sugar sprinkles, demerara sugar or coarse cane sugar for garnish


  • Place the freshly washed strawberries into a large bowl. Pour the sparkling rosé wine over the strawberries in the bowl and tamp any strawberries down so they’re all submerged or mostly submerged. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour, up to 3 hours.

  • Drain the wine out of the bowl of strawberries. Use a paper towel to gently blot some of the moisture from the strawberries, then dip each tacky strawberry into a small bowl filled with the coarse sparkling sugar and press to coat it completely. Place the coated sparkling strawberry on a lined baking sheet. Repeat with remaining strawberries.

  • Serve immediately, or store leftovers covered in the fridge up to 1 day.


You can use any sparkling wine, such as champagne, prosecco, rosé or Moscato for this recipe. I just thought rosé was perfect with strawberries.

closeup of a rosé strawberry with a bite missingYou’re going to LOVE these juicy, naughty and nice strawberries!

drunken rosé strawberries photo collage

Have a super sweet day!

xo, Hayley

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