Garlic Buttered Angel Hair with Burrata

We’re re-living my favorite meal from childhood today! Get ready for Garlic Buttered Angel Hair with Burrata!! 

Garlic Buttered Angel Hair with Burrata from (@whatsgabycookin)

It’s back to school season for a lot of you – and you know what that means… quick and easy weeknight meals that you can get on the table in a JIFFY. So… without further ado… let me tell you about my childhood love affair with Garlic Buttered Angel Hair with Burrata. 

The tennis club we grew up at had an Italian night once a week. It wasn’t anything fancy. We’d literally roll in straight out of tennis practice and have a quick dinner with the fam. We’d go once or twice a month and the whole premise of the night was this:

1. Sit down; 2. Order a Shirley Temple (or a cocktail if you were of age); and 3. Go up to the pasta bar and order whatever kind of pasta you want and they’d make it for you on the spot.

MY order was this: a generous pat of butter, an aggressive amount of garlic, angel hair pasta, some lemon juice, a little sprinkling of salt, and a liberal amount of cheese. I was seven when this started and as you can tell if you’re an avid reader here, not much has changed in terms of my palate. I still LOVE butter. LIVE for that garlic. And prefer an extra large serving of cheese with all my meals. 

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