Pan Fried Sole with Lemon

Say hello to the first fish recipe I ever made as a private chef! Pan Fried Sole with Lemon and Herbs was a favorite for my first clients and let me tell you… it was delish but it wasn’t nearly as beautiful as this photo! lol

Pan Fried Sole with Lemon and Herbs from (@whatsgabycookin)

Pan Fried Sole is one of my favorite fish recipes! It’s beyond simple, only a few ingredients. The flavors are so delicate and it’s so versatile and you can serve it alongside pretty much every side dish. It’s perfect with a butter lettuce salad, delish with a side of greens, or a lovely compliment to our favorite asparagus recipe.

A few tips and tricks to keep in mind when you’re making Sole:

  • It’s a very delicate fish, so handle with care. When you flip it, it’s best if you can use a very wide spatula or even 2 so it doesn’t fall apart when flipping. If that’s not available to you, I’m of the mindset that you can easily cut the fish into 2 pieces and cook two at a time.
  • Don’t skip the flour – it acts as a little bit of a crust and it gives the fish a little crispy bite.
  • The lemon really brings out all the flavor. It’s a perfect compliment to any fish and as you know, I put lemon on just about everything!

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