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With the launch of Chef’s Table Pizza on Netflix, the focus is on Italy’s most famous culinary export and the chefs who dedicate their lives to it. By far, the world’s favourite takeout food is pizza. Its popularity knows no bounds, and as this traditional Italian street food becomes more beloved, its recipes become more refined. From its birthplace in Naples, to Chicago, Tokyo, and beyond, pizza chefs pay attention to the quality of flour, water and yeast to make the perfect pizza dough, and then top it with the very best local ingredients.

Learn about the science of perfect pizza

Once the wood-fire pizza oven was the only way to cook a perfect pizza with the right crust. But recently the home kitchen pizza oven has been reinvented, and can deliver pizza restaurant-quality results. Other alternatives include a pizza stone that heats to the right temperature – between 450 and 500 degrees F. If neither of those is available, it is possible to make good pizza in a cast iron skillet in a regular oven at maximum temperature with the fan on. Here is a round-up of some tried and tested pizza recipes, from the classical to the gastronomic.

How to make homemade pizza



The beauty of pizza is its simplicity and the secret is a homemade pizza dough that is easily made using just flour, yeast and warm water. Take the bread flour or all-purpose flour and sift it into a large bowl. Then add the yeast to a ½ cup of warm water and add to the flour. Mix the water and flour together until you have a dough. Take the dough from the bowl and knead for about ten minutes. Stretch the dough to see if it has the right consistency. Leave the dough to prove for 30 minutes, covered with a clean try towel.

Gabriele Bonci’s recipe for homemade pizza dough

pizza dough


Learn how to make homemade pizza dough with this easy recipe by the Italian chef Gabriele Bonci star of Chef’s Table Pizza.

Pizza margherita recipe by Chef’s Table’s Franco Pepe

Here the star of Chef Table Pizza explains the best way to make pizza dough which you can replicate at home. This practice comes from a long line of Italian pizziaoli and is as close to the difinitive recipe as you can get. 

Home pizza tips from ’50 Top Pizza USA’ winner Anthony Mangieri



The winner of Top 50 Pizza USA, Anthony Mangieri, shows us how to prepare pizza in our own kitchen for results like in his Una Pizza Neapolitana, in New York. 

New York-style pizza with The Old Gray Lady

Anthony Falco, from Roberta’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, shows us how they do things to get a thin-crust style pizza cooked with a pizza stone.

The Secrets of Sauces: Pizza Sauce

pizza sauce


Chef Mark Moriarty shows us the difinitive recipe for a tomato-based pizza sauce as part of the Fine Dining Lovers‘ series: The Secrets of Sauces.

Pizza Margherita by Ciro Salvo



The classic and still the best, try this recipe from Ciro Salvo, one of Italy’s masters of the art of pizza.

Vegetable pizza



You may not know it, but a vegetable (no meat topping) pizza is one of the most popular chioces in Italy, even for meat lovers. Pizza is delicious when topped with handfuls of whatever vegetables are in season. Spectacular.

Zucchini pizza

pizza zucchini


A simple zucchini topping keeps your pizza fresh, crunchy and delicious. The recipe for the dough and the topping are here

Fried pizza, tomato bavarese, buffalo mozzarella and tomato confit

pizza fried


Try this recipe for fried pizza recipe, topped with buffalo mozzarella, confit and bavarese of tomatoes by chef Viviana Varese.


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